Crisis centres you can turn to at any time

Crisis centres you can turn to at any time

Life brings various challenges and unexpected events that can disrupt our emotional stability. In such difficult situations, knowing where we can turn to for help and support is important. Crisis centres provide people with a safe environment and professional help in need.

What are crisis centres?

Crisis centres offer intervention and support for individuals going through difficult life situations. These situations may include emotional crises, traumatic events, loss, violence or other challenging circumstances. 

Crisis Centers provide an environment where you can talk with mental health professionals and get help and support in dealing with your issues. However, they are not a substitute for long-term systematic psychotherapeutic or psychiatric care. In the Czech Republic, you can find them under the acronym RIAPS (Regional Institute of Outpatient Psychosocial Services).

Crisis intervention: support in difficult times

Crisis intervention is a specialised type of care provided in situations requiring immediate response. Crisis intervention professionals can help individuals manage stress, loss or trauma. This support focuses on restoring emotional stability and providing tools for coping with difficult emotions.

When to contact the crisis centre?

You can contact a crisis centre in several different situations, but the most common are:

Emotional crisis: When you feel overwhelmed by your emotions and cannot cope.

Violence or threat: If you are in danger or witness violence.

Traumatic events: After experiencing a traumatic event or even if you have witnessed such an event.

Suicidal thoughts: If you have thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

Where to seek help

In many regions, there are organisations and crisis centres that offer support. You can try local crisis line numbers first or look for information online. Some crisis centres are available 24/7, and you can contact them by phone, chat or in person.

There are few options for foreigners in the Czech Republic to find help. There are primarily online chats or email consulting (Blue Line).

If you are in a difficult life situation, remember you are not alone. Crisis Centres are here to help you find your way out of dark times and regain the light of hope. If you need longer-term help, you can also turn to us.