PSYMED - Private mental healthcare clinic in Prague

We are specialists for a complex mental wellbeing.

What is PSYMED treatment approach about?


Step 1
I have a problem

You have identified a problem that you need to help with. You might be experiencing acute, chronic, physical or mental health issues. In that case you can put a trust in PSYMED and reach out to us with your inquiry filling up the booking form first. 

Step 2
Intake process

After your inquiry we initiate an intake process. You will be approached by one of our Care Managers to fill in a intake questionnaire so that we can evaluate it and provide you with an appointment with suitable medical professional/therapist.

Step 3
First examination

Next step is your first appointment. Our PSYMED specialist, in one or more consequent sessions actively listens to your needs, explores it from physical, psychological and social perspective, combines it with information from intake form and suggests an individualized treatment plan.

Step 4
Individual treatment plan

At PSYMED we offer highly individual approach based on the individual concern. The treatment plan often involves other medical specialists, psychotherapy or other supportive steps and/or medication. A time span of your treatment is also highly individualized.

Step 5
End of the treatment

The objective of our work is to improve the health and well-beeing of our patients. Successful treatment helps our patients to feel better and to gradually enjoy or return to daily life on the most state of healthy body & mind as possible.


PSYMED was established to offer a complex approach to healthcare that views mind, body, and spirit as a unit. We try to give every patient the most personalized care and attention they deserve through a dedicated team of specialists who work closely with each other. 


PSYMED offers an excellent level of mental healthcare sometimes even to those who have been spending months (or years) of searching for answers, and want to receive a highly individualized treatment. The first step is an intake process that includes completing a preliminary on-line questionaire that will help our Care Manager book an appointment with the best suitable medical professional/therapist. Then, the patient is approached by our Care Manager, who coordinates the necessary administrative agenda of patient's treatment. The last step is an administration of comprehensive medical history questionnaire, that the patient can complete on-line or in person.


A successful treatment journey begins with a good bio-psycho-social assessment. How does it look like? PSYMED specialists consider a patient's lifeline and history, past medical history and current health status. The medical examination may follow if appropriate and/or a psychological evaluation - including psychological testing - can be suggested. At the end of the assessment the specialist will formulate a tailored treatment plan that addresses all patient's points of concern.

Why should you choose PSYMED

PSYMED offers professional mental health services for individuals, families and companies

PSYMED uses an interdisciplinary approach applying bio-psycho-social perspective to human health

PSYMED doctors are friendly, empathetic and highly qualified professionals with proven long international experience

PSYMED has short booking and waiting times for appointments

PSYMED let you choose personal or online session (or mix of both)

PSYMED offers Care Managers coordinating patient's care agenda