PSYMED for companies



Mental health services has become one of the favourite benefits in many companies worldwide, used by top management and employees. Mental wellbeing, right next to a physical wellbeing is the most essential tool for healthy prospering company who invest and value its employees. It leads to the motivation and satisfaction of both parties: the employer supports the employee’s health and wellbeing, and the employee receives a premium healthcare benefit for himself/herself or also for family members.

Are you interested in workshops about psychological wellbeing, mindfulness and healthy mind prevention? Contact us and let's discuss specific topics you would be interested in. 

What we offer for companies

  • Mental healthcare services and consulting for employees
  • Mental healthcare services and consulting for groups / small teams
  • Mental healthcare services and consulting for management and employees
  • Choice of therapy in person or online (or mix of both)
  • Using the complex bio-psycho-social approach to assess the entire environment
  • Doctors / therapists speaking multiple languages


Frequent issues that companies deal with

  • Stress, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Professional burnout
  • Emotional overwhelm
  • Motivation and focus
  • Anger management 
  • Difficult relationships
  • Mental health wellbeing
  • Mental health coaching
  • Many others

PSYMED approach

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality mental healthcare by highly experienced doctors / therapists with an emphasis to considerate, friendly and empathetic approach in every situation. We take care of our clients with respect, esteem and the assurance that they can contact us whenever they need our help.

Our clinic offers our clients a family atmosphere and maximum comfort. We carefully select our doctors, who especially profess a personal patient-oriented approach and transparent communication. Our doctors will have enough time for you and will be able to explain your problem to you in a transparent and understandable way.



Pricing list

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