PSYMED for schools

What we offer for schools

School-based integrated mental health programs can vary. PSYMED focus is on the following priorities:

  • Develop evidence-based programs to provide positive school climate and promote student skills in dealing with school issues 
  • Develop early intervention services for students in need of additional supports
  • Develop treatment programs and services that address various mental health needs of students
  • Develop student and family support and resources
  • Develop a school culture where teachers are trained to recognize the early warning signs of mental health issues of students
  • Develop a referral process to ensure that all students have equal access to services and supports


Typical PSYMED program for school is a three-tier program with the following targets

1/ Development of prevention-focused support mechanisms

  • Implement mindfulness routine at schools
  • Develop or enhance mechanisms 
  • Develop a list and collaborative relationships with local community resources
  • Offer innovative programming for holistic well-being
  • Organize inter-disciplinary workshops 
  • Provide parental resources to stimulate children and strengthen the family unit

2/ Screening and identification

  • Develop innovative strategies to identify at-risk students
  • Streamline referral mechanism to psychologist from teachers, parents, others
  • Strengthen continual data collection and analysis capacities 
  • Implement data-driven strategies
  • Peer counselors: spearhead and oversee peer counseling initiative
  • Health promotion programming  

3/ On-site counseling support

  • Drop-in hours
  • Individual counseling sessions by appointment
  • Group counseling 
  • Supervision and consultation group for teachers

PSYMED approach

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality mental healthcare by highly experienced doctors / therapists with an emphasis to considerate, friendly and empathetic approach in every situation. We take care of our clients with respect, esteem and the assurance that they can contact us whenever they need our help.

Our clinic offers our clients a family atmosphere and maximum comfort. We carefully select our doctors, who especially profess a personal patient-oriented approach and transparent communication. Our doctors will have enough time for you and will be able to explain your problem to you in a transparent and understandable way.

Why should you choose PSYMED

PSYMED offers professional mental health services for individuals, families and companies

PSYMED uses an interdisciplinary approach applying bio-psycho-social perspective to human health

PSYMED doctors are friendly, empathetic and highly qualified professionals with proven long international experience

PSYMED has short booking and waiting times for appointments

PSYMED let you choose personal or online session (or mix of both)

PSYMED offers Care Managers coordinating patient's care agenda