Severe headaches may be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle

Severe headaches may be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle

Headaches are a common affliction that can have a variety of causes. One of them is an unhealthy lifestyle. Lifestyles involving mostly poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive stress and lack of sleep can lead to various types of headaches, including long-term migraines.

Headaches and their causes

Headaches can be caused by a wide variety of factors, including genetic predispositions, hormonal changes, stress, dehydration and also an unhealthy lifestyle. 

In this case, the general term unhealthy lifestyle refers mainly to consuming foods containing too much salt, sugar or fat, excessive alcohol and coffee consumption, smoking, lack of sleep and healthy exercise. In most cases, an unhealthy lifestyle leads to obesity, excessive anxiety and stress, which are also common triggers for headaches.

Lack of physical activity and prolonged sitting in a non-ergonomic position causes tension in the cervical spine and sometimes even muscle spasms. In particular, everyday headaches can easily be caused by stress in the upper back and weakness in other back muscles.

Prevention of headaches

Preventing severe headaches involves making lifestyle adjustments and establishing healthy habits. Regular exercise helps keep the body strong and flexible while reducing stress. By strengthening and stretching the back muscles, you can gradually reduce headaches away from the cervical spine. 

A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and plenty of water helps to regulate stress and, most importantly, contains essential substances for our body. Adequate sleep is also important to allow the body to regenerate and regain strength.

Expert help for headaches

If headaches persist for a long time or are unusually severe, it is important to seek medical help. After an examination, your doctor will recommend appropriate treatment, which, depending on your diagnosis, may include pain-relieving medication, physiotherapy or referral for further specialist help. Our clinic works with professional general practitioners, neurologists, physiotherapists and psychologists at your disposal.

Severe headaches can make life very difficult. Still, trying to prevent them by changing your lifestyle and adopting simple healthy habits is possible. Prevention is the key to reducing the risk of headaches.