I haven't found my issue, but I feel I am NOT OK

I haven't found my issue, but I feel I am NOT OK


You may be feeling that something is missing in your life, something is wrong or you are just not feeling well.

Maybe the same repetitive things like that happen to you often - at work, at home or in relationships, and you don't really know why they keep repeating. You don't feel ill, overall you feel mentally stable, just simply something in your life is off.

And you came to the decision, that psychotherapy might help you to analyze your situation and help to outline the next steps. 

Psychotherapy is here for you if you are dealing with a specific topic or, conversely, if you do not know where to start. Our specialists will:

  • Guide you through your issue 
  • Assess your bio-psycho-social environment and possible stress factors
  • Help you to understand the emotions/behaviour you are experiencing
  • Tailor an individual treatment plan for you explaining the entire process and expectations. 
We are happy to help you to choose the most suitable specialist based on your problem. If you are seeing for help, do not hesitate to contact us.